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Quad Jet 4 Nozzle Holder Stainless Steel 275 Bar

Stainless Steel Quad-Jet 4 Nozzle Quick Release Holder - J Rod - 4 Banger


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*Nozzles sold separately

No more wet pockets or lost nozzles! 

  • 4 ¼" Female Threaded Sockets
  • up to 275 BAR Pressure Rating
  • Stainless Steel ASSEMBLED IN THE UK!!
  • Similar to the American  - J Rod - 4 Banger 

This handy tool will hold 4 - ¼" nozzles. Simply quick connect to your single lance or even your trigger gun.  This tool is essentially 4 Stainless Steel Quick Release nozzle holders welded together.  Load the Quad-Jet with ¼" nozzles and you are ready to work.  Maybe you want to have a 0 degree, 15 degree, 25 degree and a 40 degree fitted into this great attachment.  Easy enough.  If you want to move from one nozzle to the next, simply release the holder and move it to the nozzle you are planning to use.  Re-insert and you are ready to work again.

Is it a necessary item for all pressure wash contractors to have in their equipment arsenal?  Absolutely not.  Many of our countries professionals love it because they have instant access to the nozzles they use most.  It eliminates the need to keep your extra nozzles in pockets that can then be inadvertently taken home to be washed in the washing machine or lost on the bedroom floor.  These nozzle holders are also not terribly expensive and they can be a good investment in protecting your equipment from loss.

They are ideal for both Pressure Washing and Softwashing the Stianless Steel Construction ensures that the holders remain free from rust and maintain their high build quality.

*Nozzles sold separately

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