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SoftWash Honda GX120 120 Litre Bowser Unit Comet Acid Pump 12LPM 15 BAR

SoftWash Honda GX120 120 Litre Bowser Unit Comet Acid Pump 12LPM 15 BAR


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New from SoftWash Technology UK

Our new 120 litre Bowser unit featuring the Comet Acid / Chemically Resistant Pumping unit, capable of flows up to 12 Litres per Minute at a variable pressure of a maximum 15 Bar! Our pumps are made from Viton components offering remarkable resistance to chemicals making them ideal for use in the SoftWashing Industry.

This bowser unit offers the user manoeuvrability across tricky terrain where access may be difficult and power unavailable. Powered by the HONDA GX120 4 HP motor and offering their 3 year full commercial warranty their engines are unrivalled in their serviceability and support from UK dealerships.

We have fitted a 30m reel as standard to all of our systems allowing the best access possible whilst using the machines on site. Our stainless steel wash down lances are designed to be versatile and long lived. We have fitted Stainless Steel quick release fittings to the lance outlet allowing the seamless change of jets without having to return to the machine. 

We will supply a Turbo Jet for conical distribution, a 15 degree fan, and 45 degree fan Jet with the system.

With a typical pencil jet fitted the pump will spray fluids up to 14 metres on a concentrated area, easily reaching the glittering facias and ridge line on most properties for easy rinsing. We do recommend the use of a water fed pole which can easily be adapted to work with our systems for applying chemical products as this method offers a greater controllability and thus increased safety factor for application.

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