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Hypro Versa Twin 2130P-D359 14.8 LPM @ 200 PSI 13.8 BAR 12V

Hypro Versa Twin 2130P-D359 14.8 LPM @ 200 PSI 13.8 BAR 12V


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The Hypro Versa-Twin pump is a breakthrough in fluid pumping technology consisting of a double acting simplex pump whose body permits adaptation to either a high pressure plunger pump or a high flow diaphragm pump by simply changing a few internal components. The innovative design is unparalleled in diversity and its durable PBT polyester construction is impervious to caustic chemicals, designed to work with acids and bleach as well as tough biocides giving it a clear advantage over metal in many applications. The strong plastic body allows the pump to generate pressures traditionally reserved for metal construction.

In plunger form, the pump will deliver product at 300 PSI (20.7 bar); in diaphragm form it can deliver flows up to 31.4 LPM.

Performance Specifications for 2130P-D359 Pump

  • Max. flow: 14.8 LPM
  • Max. pressure: 200 PSI / 13.8 BAR
  • Max. rated speed: 2000 RPM

Additional Features

  • Port sizes: 1" NPT Flynut Ready Ports (2 Inlet, 2 Outlet)
  • Body and Head Material: Polyester (PBT)
  • Diaphragms: 2, polyurethane
  • Motor: 12v DC 1/2 HP Motor, Continuous Duty, 32 amps.

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