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Dualtool Multi Head Water Fed Pole Application Nozzle Adaptor

Dualtool Multi Head Water Fed Pole Application Nozzle Adaptor


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Designed to fit in between the two sections of angled adaptor on Gardiner Pole Systems Range this adaptor allows you to have both a brush and applicator fitted at the same time, utilising Gardiners own angled adaptor for maximum flexibility at height; these are the highest quality spray nozzles on the market, specially manufactured in the UK for use with SoftWash chemicals. They are tough, durable, and deliver optimum spraying performance.

The sizes of nozzle

Our Spray Nozzles deliver a cone-shaped pattern to the surface and are available in four flow rates: to suit flows from 4 LPM up to 30 LPM from pressures of 4 to 45 Bar

The 6.5 is great for applying a range of biocides. Its lower flow rate gives steadier and more even rate of chemical delivery, helping to more effectively penetrate the biological growth that is responsible for staining. Whilst reducing chemical wastage through run off.

The 10 is best suited for the low pressure application of Sodium Hypochlorite based cleaning liquids. It offers higher flow rates when using a powered pump whilst keeping drift and overspray to a minimum, ensuring maximum safety for the operator.  

Flow rates explained

By reducing the size of the hole in the nozzle – the orifice – the output pressure and nozzle velocity increases; this in turn restricts the flow of liquid, so the flow rate decreases. Using very high flow pumps with smaller nozzle sizes creates finer droplets whilst larger nozzle sizes produce coarser droplets.

To best understand this, think of squeezing a garden hose at the end. The water will spray further but the flow rate will be reduced. To cover the same distance with same flow would need more energy (i.e. a bigger pump).

The 10 offers higher flow rates than 6.5 using a similar pump because the orifice is bigger. The droplets will also be larger and the surface pressure will be reduced.

Which Water-Fed Poles Does this Nozzle Fit?

The nozzles fit the Gardiner Pole Systems CLX and SLX range of water fed poles, pushing into the top section clamp giving you the swivel multi angle facility for versatile working at height.

Designed and Manufactured in the UK.

N.B. The blue push fit for the micro-bore hose inlet is for hose with an outer diameter of 8mm or 10mm.  If a different size is needed please call us on 01572 729412. 

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