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BENZ Softwash Render Cleaning and Maintenance System Manual Guide Paper Back Book

BENZ Softwash Render Cleaning and Maintenance System Manual Guide Paper Back Book


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Clear and easy to read – with loads of photographs that show the principles of soft washing render in action – this manual defines what really works when it comes to soft washing wall render.

The practical knowledge contained within the pages of the book comes from several years trial and error experience. For the first time soft washing render has been explained in a straightforward way that shows both novice and seasoned professional alike a step-by-step approach that simply works.

The manual outlines the basics of soft washing and then goes on to explain specific techniques for cleaning render. The numerous before and after photographs illustrate the methods described in the text, making it highly accessible to everyone.

This is the first illustrated paperback book of its kind to enter the UK and Irish markets and as far as we know is unique in the world. Written in layman’s language, the manual is easy to read while giving the reader a professional understanding of, and therefore greater competency in, soft washing render.

This means it’s now possible to get going and successfully run a soft washing business far more quickly than was previously the case – simply because readers of this manual will not have to “re-invent the wheel”

The manual is a practical how-to guide that every soft washing contractor will want to carry with them in their van for easy and quick reference. It explains how the specialised BENZ “Clean & Protect” soft washing system – using two powerful biocide products that are fully approved by the EU as well as the Irish and UK governments – first cleans the render, and then keeps it clean much longer than other methods.

Contractors tendering for large commercial and industrial contracts will find this soft washing manual a dream come true – as a copy placed in the hands of a corporate decision maker will boost the contractor’s professional credibility way above all competition.

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